When I used to live in Kenya, the days seemed to meander by.  I adored the relaxed pace of life here, but since we have been back, the time has…

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Dan and Matt painting desks.  Dan is our principal, administrator, and teacher.  He is university trained but not too proud to clean the property, paint desks, or do whatever else…

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New Pics

Wow, life has been a little crazy these past couple of days. The kids have had a really hard time adjusting to the time change. The first night they all slept 12 hours, but the second night they were up and ready to party by one! AM!! Needless to say, this is one tired mama! We have not been able to load pictures to the blog because the band-width here is super frustrating! Matt tells me that the info jumps 14 computer sites before it ever reaches its designation. Not really sure what that means, but I think a lot of you know what he is talking about. It was with great excitement and nostalgia that we arrived at the school on Thursday. During the ride over, I was bombarded with memories and feelings I had not really processed yet. The sights and smells took me back to our time here last year. It was about this time we were really fighting for the kids. As I cradles Jasiri and held Damon’s hand, (he is insisting that I hold his hand every time we are near each other) I couldn’t help but reflect. We really have been super blessed. I was surprised when we pulled into the alley where the school is located. Several new buildings have gone up on either side of us. New one-room houses, a produce stand, and some other buildings I have yet to discover their purposes. They are really developing the land on the right that we had hoped to purchase. One the one hand, this could be good as the new buildings are good and would save us some time, but I am wondering if this will drive the price up. We were also surprised to see that the tin sides of the school have been painted blue and black. They look very Kenyan! I am sending pictures over in an email to Jeromy and he is going to load them for me. After such, I will explain the pics. Then, you will see what I mean by Kenyan! When we pulled up, the teachers were conducting their lessons. However, when the kids saw Sundi, they all ran out of class and surrounded her shouting, “SUNDI!! SUNDI!!” It was really cute and quite a shock to the teachers. After they all “calmed” down, they noticed the rest of us standing there. They were all surprised at how big Damon has grown. He marched right off with some of the girls to go to class. He was not a bit shy. Then, the kids noticed Jasiri. I think many of them have never seen a white baby before! They were fascinated. So were all of the teachers! They all wanted to hold him, but he has become quite particular about who he lets hold him these days. One thing that really struck me when I was watching the kids play: they really look much healthier than they did a year ago. Sure, they are still covered in dirt, shirts missing buttons, dresses needing zippers…shoes needing to be replaced…but wow, they look heavier and brighter than ever. To all those who give so that these kids can eat- your investment is not wasted. They are thriving, growing, and learning! We hope our little plan works, and you get to see lots of pictures soon. I’ll still blog as much as possible, but I really know it’s the pics you want to see!! Hee-hee. Samuel send his love and appreciation, as do I. Mama Sundi

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