Skills Classes

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Over the course of the past year the school has implemented skills classes - sewing, woodworking/shop class, and cooking. Here are some pictures that Samuel has shared with us over…

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New Giving Opportunities

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What's happening at We Are Kenya?? For some updated areas of needs and opportunities, please check out our updated Giving page. We also include a quick note about the current…

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What a Year! (2016 EOY Report)

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Greetings Everyone! Tom, Rebecca and family, as well as all of our extended friends and family in Kenya, and those partners and volunteers here in the USA, wanted to wish…

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Updates from Kenya

So many crazy/awesome/amazing things have been happening, and we are sadly behind in updating you! Let me catch you up on all the goings-on: Over the last several months we have…

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Giving Tuesday 2014

A GIVING TUESDAY SHOUT-OUT! Today is Giving Tuesday and we here at We Are Kenya would like to do something just a little different this year. This year, we'd like…

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Amazon Smile :)

Doing your holiday shopping? Here's an easy way to support some awesome kids! Help us spread the word!!! Please feel free to share this on your Facebook or other social…

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Giving Tuesday

Choose today to partner with We Are Kenya, and you can give a child renewed hope of something as simple as what most of us didn't think twice about shopping…

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Out of Africa

What an amazing two weeks!  With months of preparation, team building, reading, training, learning, and more preparing, we were still not prepared for all that we would experience in Kenya. …

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