Amazing Faith. Amazing Love.

“Amazing faith and love” are the words that come first to my mind. 

This was my first time going to Kenya.  My wife made her first trip earlier this year in June, she brought back a lot of the over flowing contagious spirit that the people of the Soweto community give off, stories of the people she met and how great they are, along with approximately 3 hours of video that showed a glimpse of what it’s like to be in Kenya.  I now know why Dana (a.k.a. Mama Dominick) kept saying ‘you don’t really know what it’s like unless you’re standing in the middle of it, you need to go.”  I knew to expect poverty at its fullest and see some beautiful kids with barely anything, but what I did not expect was to have met some of the most calm, happy, generous God connected people on the planet.  God Blessed Pastor Samuel and gave him this vision, and because of his faithfulness to God that vision is now a working reality.    

 My time in Kenya was 7 working days at the school, 1 safari day and 2 travel days.   I had the pleasure of staying with Pastor Samuel, wife Pamela and their family, whom I now consider my family. Hospitality isn’t the correct word, better words to describe my stay are “love like a mother to a son.”  God is continuously channeling through Pastor and Pamela.  The family they are raising is beautiful, loving, caring, and selfless.  This is the example set for the children of the school and the parish at the church.  These kids are in the hands of God.  Not only Pastor Samuel and wife Pamela, but the teaching staff and administration are also wonderful.  Next to the precious time spent with Pastor Samuel talking in the car or at his dining room table ‘til midnight just about every night, my interactions amongst the staff were most with Sister Grace the cook who taught me how to make chipati, brother Ken, principle Dan, and the talented Pastor Elly.  All of their personalities are full of character, charm, and of course the spirit of God.  I am more than happy to have met each and every one of them and look forward to continuing these new relationships through emails and future visits.  God has blessed Soweto and is alive and thriving in the people who live there.  They have taken a piece of my heart.   Bwana Asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!) Amen.


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