Imagine that you are a complete orphan, meaning both parents have passed.  You’re a girl.  You are vulnerable.  Now, for a time you stay with a family here, a single woman there, sometimes, you just sleep under an abandoned kiosk.  In the morning, you find a bit of water, wash your face, clean the dust off of your clothes, and go to your haven, your school.  There, you are welcomed by your teacher, given a new toothbrush, clean water, and a morning cup of  porridge or  tea.  Here you feel safe.  Here you feel loved.  Imagine how you would dread the end of the day.  Imagine how difficult it would be to concentrate on your studies when you are worrying about where you will sleep .  Or perhaps you are not a complete orphan.  Perhaps your mother lives, but she is dying of AIDS and doesn’t know how to cope.  The end of the day is feared for you know you will be beaten, abused, and often left outside as a punishment. Your crime?  You exist.

Aren’t you glad you are simply imagining.  Well, a few weeks ago, this was a reality for several of our girls at school, BUT NOT ANYMORE!

THE GIRLS ARE IN!!!  We are so happy to announce that ten of our girls have been moved off of the streets and/or out of unsafe conditions into a newly painted, newly furnished apartment.  This was made possible  your generous gifts to our cause.  When I posted the blog asking for help, I expected to receive some sheets, maybe a few donations towards mattresses.  I was humbled once again as the donations poured in.  In tears, I let Samuel know that we were able not only to repair the floor, install the gate, install a new door, purchase mattresses, but we were also able to buy three beds, sheets, curtains, and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.   One of our concerns with the new responsibility is the cost for food and toiletries for our girls.  Your gifts have given us a few months breathing room.  We are so awed not only by your generosity, but by the way our loving Father moves in the heart of his children to allow us to partner with people from all over this country to reach out to the least of His and make an impact.  We are forever grateful to all of those who reached out and answered the need.

I have a beautiful video of the girls singing a song that says, “mambo sawa sawa”  Meaning ‘things are getting better..’  It goes on to say that since the Lord is on my side things are getting better.”  I am trying to figure out how to load it to the blog, but until then, here are some pictures.  I wish you could have been there to see the joy, relief, and for some a little disbelief as we told the girls that this was to be there new home.  What they don’t know is that we believe that this little room is just a temporary place to begin the healing that these little hearts need.  It is our prayer that God will provide permanent homes for them soon.  Please continue to pray with us that the necessary things will be put into place to allow these girls and our other at risk children to enjoy the love that God intended for them to feel within the family God intended them to feel it.

Asante sana.  Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing mission.








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