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Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2022

End of Year Giving - 2020 -

Your financial gift will have a lasting impact!

Due to the protracted COVID-19 pandemic and all the economic ripple effects since then, our food costs, in particular, have greatly increased.
This is a tremendous area of need.

There have also been new taxes and fees imposed by the current administration, affecting educational costs, gasoline, food, and many other staple items of living.

Any contribution would help continue to provide the children access to hearing the Gospel, a solid education, a nutritious meal, safety and security – every day, every week – all year long.

Would you consider giving towards our goal of sponsoring 10 new children for this coming year? As of the November 2023, we currently have 138 students. (along with 42 full-time boarders) Our costs are around $25/month/child – would you consider a one-time donation of $300 to support a child for one year? Or partnering with us, at $25/month?

Children Playing Football

Your generosity will make a big difference in children's lives.​

Having purchased the land just outside of the city, not far from our primary school, many preparations have been occurring the past few years so it can be used for our secondary school and technical training center. Our next step is to get a deed for the last portion of the property, to ensure the property is secured. A one-time gift, or sustainable monthly gift, will greatly help as we strive towards this goal.

How We Are Kenya uses Donations

95% Direct Needs in Kenya

This includes food, housing, teacher’s salaries, school supplies, creation of a well, medical needs, purchase of a van and ATM fees.

2% Professional Fees

This included attorney fees and fees paid to the government and state to obtain our non-profit status.

3% USA-based Expenses

The majority of these expenses are for our online giving fees, website fees, and supplies (printing, shipping, etc).

To donate to We Are Kenya, simply use the online donation option, or mail checks made out to “We Are Kenya” to:
We Are Kenya, Inc.
4969 Lee Farm Court
Ellicott City, MD 21043

We Are Kenya accepts both one-time and recurring gifts.

Have you considered contributing airline miles? If you have extra airline miles on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic that you would like to donate, please email us at

All contributions are tax-deductible. Please keep your receipt for the year-end tax benefits. We Are Kenya is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.