Why a trip…why now?

Let’s back up and give a little context for those of you who don’t know why we are in Nairobi this week.

About 7 years ago a relationship started between Jeromy and Kim Smith and Pastor Samuel, serving in the Soweto slum of Nairobi, Kenya. Over the years many people from the Grace family have visited, served, sacrificed, donated toward this partnership and community. Roads have been built, wells dug, kids placed in school, teachers paid, orphans provided a bed to sleep in, etc. More than 200 loving people from Grace are fully invested and committed to these children.

As the leadership at Grace redefined our strategy to “Impact the World”, a formal partnership with “We Are Kenya” (the non-profit set up by the Smith family and others) was an obvious movement of God with our body to consider. While many at Grace had been exposed and experienced with our partners in Jinja, Uganda, a trip to Kenya was necessary to explore the future potential – to seek God’s purpose for Grace Community Church in this community. So here we are!

We believe that God will do a couple things while we are here. First, we are seeking Him for a unifying vision that provides direction as we focus on East Africa. As we move toward making our involvement around the world accessible to the entire body of Grace, we want to be able to clearly communicate our assignment here. Second, we are trusting God to lead us this week to the right conversations, experiences, and potential partners. We are asking God to help us see our days through His eyes – to see the hearts of the people, the unique places where the gifts of Grace can be expressed and used toward His glory. We believe God has a specific assignment for us here and we are trusting Him to reveal it on this trip.

So what can you do now? Pray with and for us. Pray that God would speak to us on how to clearly tell the story of Grace’s part in growing the church in East Africa. Pray that our agenda would be open for interruption as He arranges our days. Pray that He would go before us in the hearts of those we speak to and that clear communication would occur. Finally, pray for our hearts and minds to be centered on him, ever sensitive to His prompting and small whispers.

Thanks for joining our team in this way.


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