Day 4

It’s amazing how exhausted one can feel yet not exert much physical effort. Today we ate lunch with the students at Provision Education Center where we almost didn’t have enough food for all the children to eat. The school cook, Grace began to panic until Kelly found a pile of meals we overlooked. Apparently, this sometimes happens and Grace takes it very personal. I can imagine how emotional that is for her.

We had some more time dreaming with Pastor Samuel about investing in his pastor network. We got to hear his heart about the potential of what could happen if pastors had the opportunity to grow deeper in their understanding of God’s Word. We see some great potential to get more involved next year.

Then we met with an HIV ladies support group where we encouraged them and presented them with gifts. These 33 women have formed a community where they share resources, struggles, and hope for a long life despite their current status. What amazing women!

We also had the opportunity to give a “Life-Straw” to each of these women to take upcountry to their family. These amazing products can change nasty water into completely clear drinking water. We saw a demonstration today and it was miraculous! Here is a link to the website to learn more. We keep thinking how useful these would be in Turkey right now.

Shaena spent some time with the teachers, hearing how a team of teachers could best encourage and support them. Although they were very shy at first we heard similar needs as those we have already begun to discuss with the teachers at Rehaboth in Jinja.

After playing with the students who board at the school, we had a chapati dinner at Pastor Samuel’s home. Amazing meal!

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