The June Team Departs for Kenya

Our June Team is headed to Kenya.  They leave for the airport today carrying 1000lbs. of gear and donations to the kids in Soweto.  Their bags are full of Bibles, shoes, socks, toothbrushes, and more, all donated by you for the kids at the Provision Academy.  Here is what the team’s schedule will look like for the first few days of their trip.  As always in Kenya, everything is subject to change (a lot!) 😀

Please continue to partner with us by praying for our team each day of their journey.

6/20 – Leaving DC

6/21 – Travel day and arrival in Nairobi

6/22 – Day spent at Provision Education Center and Happy Life orphanage

6/23 – We Are Kenya is helping to put on and co-sponsor an Orphan’s Advocacy Conference in Nairobi, for pastors and leaders from all over Kenya.  The whole team will be at the conference on this first day.

6/24 – Jeromy and Joanna will be at the 2nd day of the conference.  The rest of the team will serve the children and teachers at Provision Academy by helping with their daily work (cooking, cleaning, etc.) they will begin health evaluations and profiles for about half of the students.

6/25 – The team will spend the day with the teachers and administrators of Provision Academy

6/26 – Worship Day – This may also include a session with the youth on relationships, sex and marriage.

6/27 – Prison Visits –  The team will take gifts and hygiene kits to the prisoners
(Did you know that when a woman goes to prison in Kenya, her children go with her?)

6/28 – The team will hold Basketball, Soccer and Hygiene Clinics at the Academy.

Much more to come…


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