Surprise!  We are in Kenya!  Blogging that we were leaving has been on my mental list of things to do since we booked our tickets a few weeks ago, but…it never got crossed off!  I am using this as a lead-in to my disclaimer.

A few days before Jeromy left for Kenya this summer, I found that I was being blessed with another baby.  This was a bit unexpected…kind of… and this child within has successfully stolen the logical side of my brain!  I put that out there because I do plan to blog while we are here, but it may be a bit more random than my usual blogs!

Now for an update:  We flew on Turkish Airlines and made it to Kenya at 12:35 Sunday morning.  Because our team this trip is comprised of mission leaders from Grace Community Church,  this trip is more of a vision trip than a “missions” trip, so you will see from upcoming blogs that we are doing a few other things outside of our mission to the children in Soweto.  You will meet the team throughout the week in pictures and blog entries.  We have a packed schedule, but we also know that we have a God whose goals are bigger than ours and whose wisdom is well outside of our ability to discern.

Tomorrow’s task is to meet and serve the kids and staff at Provision, so stay tuned for the pictures and stories from tomorrow.

I am sure that some of you have heard of the unrest in Kenya, but we are all doing very well, using caution, and knowing that our lives are God’s.  As you pray for our safety, please do not worry for our safety, because God has this-and we are not at all unnerved.  In addition, we are in very good hands out here with our Kenyan friends who will help us to use wisdom.

Keep us on your radar and share the adventure with us for the next 8 days in Kenya!

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