Reflections on 2009

2009 was a truly remarkable year for We Are Kenya.  We held our breath as our student body grew to 97- and breathed a sigh of gratitude when God provided the resources to feed and care for each of them. We rejoiced as young vulnerable girls found a safe place where a warm bed is waiting for them each night. We continued to be challenged by the selfless sacrifices of the local church in Nairobi, as they joyfully care for the orphans and inspire hope within the destitute.

Perhaps most remarkably, we witnessed the miracle of seeing a fresh-water well dug in an impoverished community.  Inspired by a quiet whisper in the night, our first golf tournament was launched, raising enough money to allow work on the well to be started. Help continued to come from Harford County, Howard County, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, and elsewhere around the US and Kenya. The effort culminated with an incredibly generous church love offering, given in the midst of a tough recession.  This well has already become a source of sustenance and hope to a community severely impacted by Kenya’s worst drought in recent memory– this has multiplied the effectiveness of our dedicated partners in Kenya.

We look forward to 2010 and beyond with great anticipation.  Our first team of 2010 is currently in London, en route to Nairobi, Kenya even today. Please pray for Michelle, Jamie, and Tina as they love on our kids in Kenya and lay the groundwork for the next phase of our partnership. Perhaps a future President of Kenya, Secretary of the United Nations, or other world or community leader is currently learning how to read under a tin roof in the slum of Soweto.  Thanks for your prayers and partnership with us– we are grateful for the role that you have played as we have watched these miracles unfold.

Glory to His name,
Jeromy Smith

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