On the ground in Kenya, for the first time this decade!

So we told you a lot about the November trip, the team that went, and much that happened during that tremendous visit to our home-away-from-home in Nairobi, Kenya.  So now as we hope to update you more on that trip, and tie in the details of this next trip that is underway even as of this past weekend, we’re extremely thrilled to share a tidbit of information about the team that is there on the ground now.

Michelle Rose, who is leading the trip, is We Are Kenya’s finance guru and photographer extraordinaire.  Michelle met Pastor Samuel back in November of 2007 and following that trip, had an exciting, collective vision with others who had been to Kenya on the ground, to head up organizing how we could all help back in the States, to facilitate more resources getting to Kenya, in between our physical trips.  With this as the impetus, she played a key role vision-casting We Are Kenya, helping start the organization up during those infant stages, and very importantly, led the effort on filing for our 501(c)3 status with the U.S. government.  She’s now very excited to – a little over 2 years later – get back on the ground in Kenya.

Next on the team is Tina – a college student who works as a care giver for severely handicapped children.  One such child is a twelve year old blind quadriplegic.  This will be Tina’s first visit to Kenya.

Finally we have Jaime.  She is a mother of one, a part-time photographer, and a pediatric nurse.  She especially needs our prayers as she is nine weeks pregnant and has chosen to pass on the recommended vaccines.  This will also be her first trip to Kenya.

While in Kenya, the ladies will be busy patching, sanding, and painting walls for the shelter that houses our most vulnerable children.  In addition, they will act as a documentary team, taking pictures and video that will provide a better view of Kenya and its people to those who have not yet been to Kenya.  In between these jobs, they plan to help administratively with office projects, computer training, and various organizational tasks.  And as with any team that goes to Kenya, they will likely do many things they did not plan on doing.  We are so pleased that these ladies took the courage necessary to travel half way around the world to bring the love of Jesus to some really wonderful people.  We know they will build long-lasting relationships that will be near and dear to their hearts for the rest of their lives.

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