Day Three

I have never been to an orphanage before. Today we went to Happy Life Orphanage where Pastor Samuel and the Smith family adopted their children. The roads to avoid Nairobi were pretty rough and we got lost once. Once we arrived we toured the facilities where 42 kids currently live. They are licensed for 65 children but can’t seem to keep them from being adopted. Praise God!

We spent most of our time in the nursery feeding the 9 infants lunch. We each fed two and then took them to another room for a diaper change (really it was a towel, not a diaper). These babies are so well cared for by amazing servants who are giving their lives to these children. What a sacrifice to be in charge of 9 babies under 6 months from 8am – 6pm everyday all by yourself! WOW.

We have been able to rest this afternoon and get our gifts organized for another day at the school with Pastor Samuel tomorrow. Tonight we will do some team building and get the Smith boys to bed early.

Talk to ya tomorrow


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