Day One (Monday)

So the team landed safely and got a nice day of respite at our missionary friend Ruth’s place over the weekend.  From there the team headed into the city and met up with Pastor Samuel to see the children and have a fun day of play.

Rebecca and Ariel enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting new ones who have joined the school since the last time they were there in Soweto back in November of 2009.  Steve, Jo and Eileen got a chance to be on the ground for the first time, and from my short call w/Rebecca today, it sounds like they really had a great time getting to meet the children, the staff, pastors, and overall spend some quality time there.  And apparently, they started right into the competition – since there’s nothing like a good game of football (our soccer, of course ;).  So it shaped up like this: the youngins vs. the seasoned vets…and apparently the elders (I have to sadly include myself in this group now 😛 ) won!  The Burkholders (Steve and Jo) along w/Becca, and their team of children, took on Eileen and Ariel, and their group of kiddos.  It was hard-fought…and the seasoned group prevailed!  Sounds like everyone though was winded at the end 😀

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures sent over for this great match up later this week.  Until then, we’re praying for good weather, good fun, and good health for the team to be able to partner w/the staff, leaders and other workers there at the school, to be able to knock out some awesome projects that will really have a positive impact on the school and everyone’s lives there!

Blessings, on behalf of the team,
Tom (Baba Aidan)


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  1. Cristina. C.

    Awesome to hear! We will keep praying for the team!

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