A 2014 Summary to Our Friends and Partners

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We’ve had a great year here at We Are Kenya. Because of the prayers and generosity of our supporter and partners we have had a strong year!

Happy New Year 2015

Here’s a quick recap of the year 2014:

– With the help of our partners, Provision Education Center was able to purchase 8 acres of beautiful land outside of Nairobi. This land is rich agriculturally and has great potential. Pastor Samuel and the older boarders have been able to assist the local village people in planting and cultivating a portion of the land.

– Our students sat for their National exams and ALL of the students received passing marks! This was a huge encouragement to the staff, and they have asked us to express their sincere gratitude for your prayers and encouraging emails. Pastor Samuel says, “I think this is good for all who partner with us to know that their support is not in vain.” He also shared that the school was placed on the “good schools” ranking list by the Kenyan government- this is very exciting news!

– The dorms received a MAJOR upgrade! When I went to Kenya in the Spring, I could not believe how beautiful the renovated dorm rooms were! It was such a blessing to know that the children have a clean and safe place to live – a place that they are proud to call home.

– The local church and staff of the school have begun taking in boarders and providing them with a family-unit experience. I wish each of you could see the dramatic change in the children. For me, it was Dorcas who really stood out. She had been living at the school for several years and while she was always sweet and thoughtful; she was also quiet and withdrawn. Now, having had the opportunity to live with a family from the local church, she is thriving. She is a funny and outgoing girl. As she grows into a young lady, we know that because she has a real chance to finish her education, she will not become one of the many youth who continue in the cycle of poverty because they simply could not afford an education.

– Ladies from local Maryland churches rallied together to make washable sanitary napkins for our girls at the school -girls like Dorcas are usually unable to continue their education because their families cannot afford these necessary supplies. This has become a crisis for far too many young ladies in Kenya. Out of this crisis, we are seeing a dramatic rise in child bride cases and teenage pregnancy. Thank you to all of you who donated your time and resources to help keep our girls in school!

Craft Hope took WAK on as their 25th annual project. This organization networks with crafters around the world and each year they pick a new non-profit to send hand-crafted blankets, toys, washable sanitary napkins, hats, scarves, etc. We cannot wait to take these things to the children and we are intensely grateful to all who lovingly made gifts for our students. Crafters from over 48 States and more than 4 countries sent packages of hand-crafted gifts.

HARVEST! Several small crops have been harvested from the land! This is very cool. Look for a post about this soon on our blog.

These are just some of the highlights from our year. We would love for you to share your pictures and stories on our Facebook page.

As we move into the new year we are excited to see what God will do. We are working to get the architectural plans completed for the buildings for the new property. It is amazing to think that one day there will be a fully-functioning secondary school on this land. Among other things, we are looking at is putting a well on the new property, which has to happen before we can start the building process. I know I speak for all of us at We Are Kenya and Provision Education Center when I say that we never expected God to cast such a great big vision; but now that He has, we can see the vision He has cast encompasses so much more than our finite minds can ever hope to grasp.

For those looking to help start us off strong in 2015, and those looking to still make your year-end gift, please consider a donation today before midnight. Your support is immensely humbling, and greatly appreciated! Access our Giving Page here.

Thank you again for your continued support! Have a safe and Happy New Year!

– Rebecca Terenyi, on behalf of all the volunteers and staff at We Are Kenya

PS – Below are some pictures just sent from Pastor Samuel of our kids and some of the team/staff there in Kenya.


Welcome to World Commission Church!

Kids posing

Pastor with Boarders


Kids having some Fun

The Team Working Hard

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