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I am writing this post from my computer and using the battery power because there is not power here again tonight. I hope to post it tomorrow.  If you are reading it, then I have been successful.

I’ve decided to write about some of the people who touch the lives of the children with their love every day.  I am leaving off their names because maybe someday, you will have the privilege of meeting them.

We have a friend here who was recently a street boy as they are called here in Kenya.  Both of his parents have passed and he has not one to care for him.  I am not sure how he became connected to the school, but God has used the well to change his life.  Now, instead of roaming the street looking for food and trouble!, he tends the well, selling water, carrying water for the kitchen, washing the toilets, and running odd jobs for the teachers.  He also cares for the boys who board on property.  In all, I have seen such a humble, kind spirit in this young man.  Although he is nearly twenty, he cannot read not write, in fact, he barely knows the numbers to ten.  Without the love of God and the blessing of the well, he would still be on the streets, searching for food, searching for a place to sleep, searching for hope.  I know I say if often, but it is true that without the efforts of all those who were part of the “well project,” this boy would be without hope.  I feel that “hope” is becoming a theme for me as I write about our work here in Kenya.  For I have learned that without hope, one cannot reach his full potential in Christ.  It is hope that allows one to strive to survive despite the difficulties one is facing.  It is hope that allows us to grasp grace for it is grace that gives us true hope.  This young man knows the grace of Jesus Christ and he has learned this through the hope given in his life through the instrument of water from a well.  He now knows the love of a father through Samuel and in turn communicates that love to the boys he cares for.  That is how it is with grace and hope.  To borrow an over-used analogy, it like a cup running over, wetting all that is around it.  Hope- it changes each person it touches, therefore, allowing that person in turn to change another.  I love it when the effort of one start a reaction that cannot be stopped.  It served as another reminder of the efforts of the ONE who started the life-changing reaction of Salvation by which we can all know the hope of Heaven.

My battery is running low, but I am going to try to get out one more story.  Although I cannot tell you who I am speaking about, I think this story cannot be kept private as it truly reveals the heart of those who work with the kids. 

For some time now, we have wanted to give our volunteers here in Kenya a monthly gift to assist with living expenses.  Our full-time teachers are college trained individuals who dedicate their time to teaching instead of going out to look for paying jobs.  They do this without compensation.  Recently, we were able to start sending a monthly stipend for their services to the kids.  It’s not much, but we want them to know how much they are appreciated and how we do understand how difficult it is to live without an income.  It absolutely floored me to learn that one of our staff members returned her first gift; telling Samuel to use it for the kids.  She said that she and her husband had been wanting for some time to do something for the ministry, but they were unable.  Now, if that was not enough, they added a little from the father’s income as well.  I realize that you may be thinking, well, maybe they don’t need the money as much as we thought.  I assure you, I have been in their home.  I have seen the little that they have.  In addition, they have three children, and have taken an orphan in as well.  They are certainly in need, but the heart is so pure and so bent toward seeing that the children at PEC secure a good future, that they are willing to make the sacrifice to benefit “the least of these.” 

I felt so touched.  Would I have been willing to sacrifice the money given for food and clothes for Damon, Sundi, and Jasiri so that another child could benefit?  Often, we give out of our excess.  Sure, we could use that money for a holiday, maybe to buy our over-priced make-up, or perhaps a nice meal out; but this was not a sacrifice of “fun” money.  This was living expense money that she chose to give, chose to do without so another could have what he needed.  This is true sacrifice.  I am so challenged.

So, these are only two of the many stories of grace and hope in the lives of those who are dedicated to seeing that those less fortunate have what they need to become who God intends them to be.  I am moved to do more, to give of myself until I reach point of sacrifice.  Not just to the mission here that I am so much a part, but to those I pass every day, to those whose lives I touch but without sacrifice to my own life.  I think if we all assessed our lives, we would see that there is room in our lives to advance the lives of those who for now other reason but “fate” ended up in a situation less lovely than ours.  Statements like these are not meant to push you toward supporting our mission, although that is always appreciated.  These are simply reflections of where God is moving my heart as I interact with these self-less servants.  If you are challenged-reflect and ask-What now?  Where is my call?  What must I do?

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  1. Nancy Powell

    Wow, that is such a humbling story of the lady giving back. You’re absolutely right–that is really sacrifice and that is very challenging.

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