We Are Becoming Kenya


Today. Was. Awesome.

Ok everyday is awesome.

The team split, half went to Soweto to be with the children and staff of Provision Academy, and the other half went to day 2 of the East African Orphan Summit.

I had the joy of attending the summit two days in a row. It was phenomenal. The attendees were pastors, ministry leaders, NGO workers, and a couple random mzungus 🙂

The day was filled with speakers speaking, fellowship and “swallowship” aka eating delicious Kenyan cuisine, and prayer and worship. Despite the extended periods of sitting, people were moving and being moved. Everyone there was there for orphans. Two friends Teo and Doreen from Uganda’s AOET joined us after their 14 hour bus ride. Today they presented on their efforts, successes, dependency on the Lord, and hope for building strong functional homes and families for orphans. Speaker after speaker shared their heart and gave the glory to God for all He’s done. I got lost. Not literally. But I was lost in this group of believers laboring for the cause of orphans in their distress. An honor.

Our team was recently reunited and I’m writing this from our hotel lobby where we just devoured some dinner. Some ordered chips (french fries) and we giggled over the 2 tomato wedges served on the plate instead of ketchup. We’re doing a lot of giggling, and bonding, and of course praying and growing in faith. I love this team.

We’re blessed. And continually thankful for luggage miracles, health, sleep all night long and every minute spent with the Kenyan people. Learning tons. Cannot wait to share more.

Bwana Sifuwe! (praise the Lord)


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