The Haves and Have-Nots

We in the US think that we have the “Haves” and “Have-Nots”, let me tell you, you have seen nothing yet. We have just finished our 2nd day in Soweto and these are definitely those that “Have Not”. But as I say that to you I feel a sense of joy and peace when we are with them. There are smiles on their faces, which are so contagious and they are so excited that you are in their presence. I will never get tired of hearing from the young children “how are you” every time we see them. As our van pulls down a street in Soweto we hear the chorus of “how are you” from all of the children as they chase our van to our final destination. These kids are so beautiful and full of wonder, if we could just keep that same sense of wonder as we grow up.

Today was a very special day for me, I celebrated my 53rd birthday in Kenya. The day started with the team wishing me happy birthday and concluded with 165 children singing Happy Birthday to me. You have not lived until you have experienced that outpouring of love from people that you just met the day before. I am so thrilled to have this experience.

This has been a difficult couple of days, getting our feet back under us after 2 days of red-eye flights and very little sleep. But the emotions of seeing people, that are living well beyond the poverty level we have in the US, is not something we can ignore. To smell the smells, see the children in the orphanage and spend time with the children at the school is not something you easily write about, it needs to be experienced. We have had the joy the past 2 days spending the last hour of the school day with these precious 165 kids and to receive a hug from each of them is priceless. To sing songs with 165 of God’s little angels was something that I will never forget.

I asked myself on Sunday if I was made to do this. That is not my question anymore, it is what can I do to make an impact. As small as that might be, we need to find some way to show God’s amazing love to these kids. Even when I say that I have to think about the reactions I have seen these past 2 days. When we are with these children either at the School or at the Orphanage, there is always a smile on their face. Tonight we went into Nairobi to a mall which was full of those folks that “Have” and I never saw a smile. At that time I approached Pastor Samuel and told him that I would rather be in Soweto with the “Have Not’s”, at least they were enjoying life. What I realized is there is much more joy in surviving!

I love my new Kenya Brothers and Sisters in the Lord!

– Steve Lowman

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