That is BETTER!

So the kids at school have this little chant that they sing whenever someone has done a good job-it goes like this-
“Well done, well done. Try again another day, a very good job…that is better…a better, better job!”

After visiting Kenya last summer, I became seriously burdened about the lack of nutrition in the food at school. We are so thankful that since we launched We Are Kenya, there has not been a day that the children have gone without food. However, we have been struggling in our hearts when we consider the need for a better balance of vitamin rich foods, protein, and such. Well, thanks to our supporters, we are closer than we were a year ago. It used to be that he kids received a mound of rice with a teaspoon of vegetables. This picture speaks for itself.


I nearly cried when I took this picture!  We have bigger goals-we’d like to see meat, beans, and fruit in their diet.  We would like to provide two strong meals a day, but for now-we are so excited to be saying WOW and thank you!

It has been crazy fun getting to know the kids that stay in our little dormatory behind the church.  They are the   sweetest kids with the BEST attitudes.  Over the next few weeks and into the fall, I am planning to introduce you to them one by one.  We have had some very insightful conversations!  Yesterday, they looked at me and asked in surprise, “why is Jasiri white and Damon is black?”  Are they not both your children?  So, we had a long conversation about adoption.  It was hysterical to see their faces when I told them that Damon is also from Kenya!  Of course, my heart rather cried when they began to ask if it were possible for me to adopt them and be their mother.  Wow.  I wish it were possible.  It amazes me how these children have grown, how much happier and healthier they are now that they have love and hope.  They have many wonderful mothers and Samuel acts as a father, but I think it will always remain true-every kid has in his heart the hunger to belong to a family that he can call his own.  Pray with us as we try to figure what role we all play in this piece. 

Ah, I never thought I would see the day when one could get fresh water from a tap right there at the school! 

I know Damon does not look super happy in this picture, but he is really so at home and feeling so special.  These beautiful children just have a way of making you feel  like you are really important to them.  Tonight I walked into the room while they were eating supper.  Right away several of the girls offered me their food.  Me, a “healthy” American woman who certainly doesn’t look like she needs a whole lot of food-but really, they get it.  By it, they understand the concept of sharing even the “little” you have.  How many times I hesitate to share my space on the road, my time, my energy-all things I have in excess.  But here, they share what they have- peroid.  beautiful hands and feet of Christ desiring to love and be loved.  

 As you walk through your day today.  Picture what our world would look like if we all had the heart to share with those around us what we have-our time, our homes, our hearts-even “our space on the road.” 

Good night for now-

Mama Sundi

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  1. Stefanie Litke

    Your stories move me, each and every one. I’m glad you and so many others have given so much. You have come so far and are pushing to make things better everyday. I take so much that I have for granted and seeing these kids really grounds me. I will make sure to stop, breathe and share all that I can!!

    Love you guys!!

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