Sunday Update

So sorry, but it was impossible to post from Maasi Mara.  We had a really good time, but I think we will wait to post those pictures until later.  I wanted, however, to tell you about Sunday.  We were able by way of a friend’s donation to carry 150 bibles in our luggage.  We planned to give some to Caleb to carry to his prison ministry, some to our friend George to use in his church, and some here at the church/school.  Because of the well project, many people have started coming to the church to see what all this is about.  Samuel works diligently to point the apprecition to God.  This has lead many people to know the Christ whom we serve.  So, here you can meet some of the people who have some to know the Lord recently.  These are the few who received the Bibles on Sunday.

My man, Bruce.  Samuel called for the new converts who wanted a Bible to come forward.  He came.  He is brave and it was super cute!

This picture is not very clear, but the story is worth telling.

Jeromy, you may remember this guy if you could see the picture well.  This man is one of the “town drunks.”  So many times as we were coming home from school, this man would come to the car and beg Samuel for money to buy alcohol.  He would say, “Pastor, you are my father.  Buy for me one drink.”  Samuel was never unkind, but obviously, he could not give him money.  I remember his buying him food on a few occasions.  Well, on Sunday, he came to church.  Because he has seen the changes in the community and the care for the kids, he came to Samuel and began to talk with him about his life.  Imagine he is a very learned man.  He has a university education and once had a good business.  Now, he has barely clothes to wear.  You know where this is going because you saw the picture.  Another life-redeemed.  On Sunday, he received a Bible.  Everyone in the church was shocked.  They even laughed at first.  However, when his story was shared, wow, I imagine the heavens rejoiced along with the church.  I cannot do it ustice, but if you sit and imagine a man without hope, tied to the addiction that has destroyed his life.  Now imagine, he is clean, in good clothes, sitting in church.  He stands and says this is his first time in church and he states his name.  People snicker, even laugh right out, but he is not detered.  No, he smiles and walks to the front to receive a Bible.  Samuel tells his story.  The atmosphere changes.  He is promises a new set of clothes and he is finally given the love he has so craved.  This is how Christ in us changes a man.  I love the word redemption.  In the church, we often use that as we speak of salvation.  While that is true, I rather like to use it when thinking of someone whose life was “nothing.” To say that someone like this man, or our Kevin, or Lazo…the names are endless-men, woman, and children whose lives are redeemed from the poverty of hope to a life of purpose.  That is how I like  use redeemed.

Mama, Baba, and Matt greeting the church.


There is fif th grade class who donated four boxes of school supplies.  It has taken us a long time to get the supplies here, but we are hoping the kids find a way to see how their gifts are being used by the children out here.  Thanks to you, this boy has a very nice back pack to carry his books to school!


Sometime in the course of last year,I collected small stuffed animals from donations both to WAK and to our kids.  I came with seventeen of them.  Wouldn’t you know, there are sixteen kids who board!  The other night when I went to pray with them and say goodnight, I took popcorn and the animals.  You would have thought it was caviar and new cars!  They were so excited.  I wish I could load videos because when I got to the church I found them in the sanctuary singing together-no adult-just sixteen kids singing their hearts out to Jesus.  I feel moved to tears just thinking about it.  You know, if a child who has not parents, or one who knows abuse by her father can sing with a huge devotion to the God they love.


I love all the children, but like Sharon, Edwin grabs my heart.  Later, when I return to the states, I will introduce him fully.  Just look beyond that smile and know that this child knows pain.  He is an orphan who has been through serious rejection and abuse.  Look past that smile and know-You have been used to make the difference in this child’s life. 

Kevin!  Dana-be proud.

This is Otis, Kevin’s brother.  He doesn’t go to school, but he was visiting his big brother.  Luckily, I carried seventeen animals.  Priceless.

I used to call Dorcas, “the girl who never smiles.”  NOT ANYMORE!

With this beautiful smile, I will say good-night.  We begin our physical projects tomorrow and should have a report by Monday or Tuesday.  For now, we are working on profiles and other business.  However, we do plan to put in three doors and do some painting.  We are planning to buy two mattresses and add four to the dorm.  Other than that, we will see.  Thanks for reading-thanks for your comments!  It cheers me on!  Talk to you soon. 

Mama Sundi



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