Student Profile: Grace Akoth Onyango

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STUDENT NAME: Grace Akoth Onyango
AGE: 14 years old
GRADE: 8th
GENDER: Female

Grace is a pupil in Vision Link School. She loves her studies so much and would love to become a teacher after completing her studies. She lives at the school boarding house and receives full support from the school. She was living in a very abusive family where her mother used to beat her up together with her two sisters. Her parents got separated which left her and her eight siblings to live with the mother. Vision Link School got the news from the local area police chief and that’s how we got to know Grace together with her two sisters who live at the school.

Grace will be doing her final primary level examination next year in March and after that she will be joining secondary (high) school. She is a young girl with a bright future ahead of her.