Kenya Election Update

We received the note below from Pastor Samuel, who pastors the community we partner with in Soweto, Kenya. “To all saints, I take this chance to thank you all for your great sacrifice to stand in the gap to pray with us as a nation. It was such a very crucial time time for us in the election just finished, bearing in mind our dark day in 2007/8, post election violence.  Something we never want to repeat. Because of your prayers and others we have peace now. ASANTE SANA. (thank you) KARIBU KENYA (welcome to Kenya) HAKUNA MATATA! (there are no worries!)  Sam”  My

P.S.– The oppostion will be challenging the outcome, so continued prayers are necessary.  What we have heard, is that the Kenyan people want peace and have determined to allow the courts to handle the issue.  We are proud of our brothers and sisters in Kenya and pray they continue to band together to keep their resolve.

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