Just pics tonight

This is Grace (the cook) and her husband Jack.  Grace is really so much more than a cook.  For those of you who have been to Kenya, you have learned that in many ways, Grace is key in the sweetness that we have in the spirit at school.  She serves with grace and quiet love. 

Samuel and Jasiri

So, we took a few books to the office of the foreign affairs minister to Kenya.  This is us talking with Caleb as we wait.  When Babu was here, he spent three days waiting in this office for a meeting with the minister.  I am sure this picture brings back some not so pleasant memories!

The duputy and me-sounds like the line in a song.

Damon, who does not like to sit around and wait for people to visit, was very happy to be free!

Shopping with Samuel


Jasiri and Sam with the paka-cat.  Before this little friend came to hang out, we really had a problem with the mice and the food.  But, now Sam’s little friend keeps the -compound rat-free.

Bed-time stories with Rosie!


Margaret and Jane

Lavenda reading to me!

My Sharon-and Jane who wants to be in every picture possible!

Good night, boys!

While I was in the boys’ room telling them good-night, I lost Damon.  When I came out to the lot, this is what I found.  All of the girls had piled into Samuel’s car to listen to the nightly news with him.  It was so cute!

These two beauties were in the car as well.  They are not a part of PEC, but that does not stop Samuel from giving them love.  In fact, he treats them just the same.  As we left, he took food from his car, and fed them.

I’ll close with these pics.  The Moores arrived safely and realy enjoyed church today.  I have some really incredible pics and stories to share with you about the day, but it is midnight, and we are leaving early in the morning for a safari.  We are going try to post from the field, but if you don’t hear from us until Wednesday, you’ll know we were unable to connect.  Thank you to those who have supported us during this trip.  We are starting the purchase of the “tools” for our projects tomorrow.  I’ll fill you in when we get back on what we want to accomplish while we are here.  LATER!

Mama Sundi

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