It’s Monday!

So, we had a good weekend, but you will have to forgive me for not posting as the kids and I have not been feeling well at all.  As a matter of fact, if you could pray for us, that would be huge. 

Saturday, we spent the day at school helping Rose prepare food, she has not been well either.  We were thrilled to see the new doors put up in the remaining three classrooms.  It was evident last week that it was something that really needed to be done when we realized the rooms were being used to “extra-curricular” activities late at night by street “kids.”  I think I will leave the rest to you to figure out.  So, we were thrilled to see them put up, painted and ready for use on Monday!  Teacher Marren was most excited as she was the one who was pesting the pastor for a new door. 

The kids were excited when the donkey came to bring the doors and they were treated to a donkey cart ride!

Later in the day on Saturday, the church received a new keyboard from the team!  They were so excited here at the church.  Pamela ran all around the house praising the Lord!  The keyboard they were using had only about half of the keys working.  Those who play for the church we thrilled beyond words.  Samuel said that they had just started praying for a new keyboard just two months ago and they really could not believe that it had come so soon.  I think the plan that God puts together is so interesting.  For so long, the prayer was for the basic need-food for the children at school.  That need is now being met on a regular basis.  Then, the prayer was for electricity.  The lights now shine and the pump brings water to the tanks every day.  They prayed for a place to have classes-Met.  They prayed for shelter for the most vunerable-Met.  Water-MET!So, when you meet the basic needs that people have, you free a people up to think and pray for things past survival.  Things that you and I may even call needs, but they would call luxeries.  Things as small as toilet paper to as large as a keyboard that has keys that work! 

On Sunday, Baba Matt brought the message.  While it was somewhat challenging to Michael to work with an interpreter, the message was well received.  Mama Matt also sang in the choir!  I missed church, but I am told she was a big challenge to the rest of us as she danced really well! 

This pic is kind of like playing “Where’s Terry??”


Today, we are working on profiles and Matt is painting the water house.  We are taking the day tomorrow to rest with Ruth and go to feed the giraffes.  We’ll post those pics as soon as we can!  And…a litte teaser…we have a really BIG and wonderful project we are negociating a price for.  Stay tuned for more details!

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