How do you say “who are these kids and why are they calling me Mzungu” in Swahili?

Things we learned today:

(1)    Tires are made better in Kenya

(2)    Roads are not

(3)    Two new non-Swahili speaking teachers should not be left alone with 4 year olds who don’t speak English and just yell “Mzungu!”

(4)    It takes 4.5 Mzungus more time to wash the same amount of dishes it takes one Kenyan

(5)    Kenyans like wheat thin sticks and fluff together

(6)    The same guy cooking corn on the cob will move his table 8 times a day to let the van get by instead of just changing locations

(7)    Kenyans ages change depending on the day, person asked, weather, socks worn…

(8)    Even if you have the correct adaptor, on the correct setting, in a working outlet, you will still fry your hair dryer

(9)    Pancakes in Kenya are really just empty crepes

(10)You can trade your water bottle, or a hair tie, for a car in Kenya

(11)Playing chicken with every vehicle and person on the road might be normal, but continually gives your passengers minor heart attacks

(12)Geese fly over your guest house at exactly 6 am each morning and will scream loud enough that you don’t need an alarm clock

(13)If a Kenyan plans on two hours, you should plan on six

(14)Camels do exist in Kenya

(15)Kenyan toilets are hard to flush, at least for Americans (so we stopped trying)

(16)Even when educated by the Kenyan staff, some Americans still can’t get their showers hot

(17)Putting on deodorant in Kenya is liking putting perfume on a pig

(18)Giraffes are great kissers but won’t call the next day, or the day after, or the day after…

(19)All Kenyan kids are adorable

(20)We are seriously considering losing our boarding passes for home, this time on purpose

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