Giving Tuesday 2013

Giving Tuesday 2013

I was trying to come up with a compelling story or a pithy anecdote to encourage people to consider giving this Giving Tuesday. But instead, I think I will just give you facts.

What is a fact? A fact is truth. It cannot be changed or altered or “massaged” into anything but what it is. So, here are some facts to chew on as you go about your day.

A Few Facts about You

Fact 1
You are loved. I got you didn’t I? 😉
Perhaps you thought I was going to throw a sad, horrible statistic at you. Well, I’m not. I am going to tell you that if you are alive and reading this, YOU ARE LOVED. You might not be married, or you may be with someone who you feel doesn’t love you, truly; you may not have children, you might not have a boyfriend or girlfriend. But you were created by Hands that love you; and like Tigger (yes, my kids are into Winnie the Pooh lately), you are the only you that ever was or will be. So, congrats – you are deeply loved!

Fact 2
You can read! Woohoo! Someone took the time to invest in you and demonstrate love, and taught you to read. Reading is an an amazing gift – it opens up the doors of a bright and endlessly possible future.

Fact 3
You have the tools to succeed or fail. You are loved and you can read. The rest is up to you.

A Few other Facts

Fact 1
7,509 miles across a big huge ocean, 168 Kenyan children are loved – everyday – because of you. Thank you.

Fact 2
365 lunches, countless nutritious snacks and gallons of fresh water are provided everyday to hungry kids – because of you. Thank you.

Fact 3
Over a hundred moms, dads and caregivers face the day knowing that today their child will eat. Today their child will learn to read. Today their child will have a chance to change their forever. Today they will hope – because of you. Thank you.

Fact 4
Without you there would be no We Are Kenya. Without your prayers, without your cheering on, without your sacrifices and talents and gifts and love, 168 children would be lost to hunger, thirst, disease, illiteracy and hopelessness.

So, on this Giving Tuesday we at We Are Kenya would like to say “thank you.” Thank you for believing in our little band of volunteers. Thank you for stepping out and stepping up and making our dreams facts.

And just in case you’re reading this and have never met our 168 beautiful “Forevers” (eternal investments), here they are.

“Dream big, dream boldly, dream forever dreams!”

Continue here by DREAMING WITH US, by investing of even a small portion of your time, prayers or financial gift today. Thank you!

Happy Giving Tuesday,
(on behalf of the entire leadership team and We Are Kenya board)




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