Day Two

Well, we are just wrapping up Tuesday and heading to bed. It has been an awesomely long, hot, fun, dirty kind of day. Mama Ariel and the girls spent the day doing dishes and helping to prepare lunch and Baba Ariel hacked some long branches for the new giko (the thing they cook on)…I will post some pictures tomorrow…I hope 🙂 We played in the dirt, taught the children to play frisbee and graded exams.

Tonight we spent the evening with the boarders… it was super fun to get to know them! We played games and sang, and they even got us to dance…I do have very incriminating video and photos ;). You are going to want to come back for those! Around 9pm we settled down and had devotions with the children and then off to bed they went. We are all pretty beat, but feeling very blessed at how the Lord has allowed us to serve and grow our friendships with the students and staff here. That’s all I have for now…more tomorrow! Goodnight!

-Mama Aidan

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