A day in the life

Six women, a ton of bags

Three in the morning, oh the jet lag

Step in the shower, embrace the cold

Never gets hot, despite what was told

American electronics, don’t even try

Even with an adaptor, the hair dryer you’ll fry

Pancakes we ordered, crepes we got

Sausages are wonderful, paw paw is not

Into the van, away we go

Potholes are huge, you better drive slow

Arrive at the school, children come running

Yelling Mzungu, their faces are stunning

Stirring Ugali, so easy says Grace

As we struggle, a smirk on her face

Into the classroom, our 4 teachers stride

Blown away by Kenyan school pride

Respect, loyalty and love, the motto by which they learn

To the new teachers, their attention they turn

Questions are asked, hands are raised

Eagerly seeking the mzungus praise

One plus one equals two says Kevin

Teacher jokes, you’re sure it’s not eleven?

During the break, to the courtyard they rush in

Pushing and shoving to touch our white skin

Eating lunch, they all devour

All the hard work disappears in an hour

Back to class, the children return

Some to nap, some to learn

School day over, the kids are dismissed

As the students leave, their presence we will miss

Back in the van, head into town

Excited for ice cream, ugh! the machine is down

Hop into bed, what an amazing day

So blessed to be here, is what we pray

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