Where did Friday go?

So, I think we kinda flew right over Friday.  On the airplane map I saw the equator and I think when we flew over it, we also flew over Friday.  Friday never happened in our world. 

So now it’s Saturday night here in Kenya.  We landed safely with all our luggage last night.  Pastor Sam, his wife Pam, and Nicholas picked us up.  If someone bets you that you can’t get 9 adults and 20 pieces of luggage in something the size of a mini-van, take the bet.  Yes you can!

The best part about landing here is the first smell.  The first smell of Kenya just reminds you that you are home.  The smell that isn’t mixed with fuel or fire.  The clean, open air smell.  Jamie, Tina and I just took a minute to get a lungful.  Wonderful. 

Today we decided to do a little sight seeing as school is not in session on Saturday.  First we went to the Masai Market.  Last year was my first year going.  It was extremely intimidating and overwhelming.  This year I knew the drill.  I’m much more adept at saying “no” and walking away as I get bombarded by people wanting me to look at their items.  All the pressure was off as I just told everyone that Pam was my sister and they had to deal with her as far as money.  Pam is an expert.  Truly.  I have no idea what she was saying (they negotiated in Swahili), but it was darn impressive!

We then headed to the Giraffe center.  Taylor & Lisa made out with a few giraffes, seriously.  Those girsl had no problem getting licked full in the face a few times by a giraffe.  They are special.

Our last stop was the Bomas.  The bomas are the traditional houses of the different tribes of Kenya.  We were happy to finally view the Luo tribe’s Bomas not only because it is Sam’s tribe but also because the First Wive’s boma was much larger than the Husband’s boma. 

Tomorrow we will go to church.  It will be great to see some of the people we met last year. 

Sorry for not posting pictures.  Apparently the mack daddy cameras that Jamie and I have produce images too large to post (no matter how small we try to make the file). And I don’t have any software available to make them smaller.  So, you might have to wait a week or so for images.

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