Stuck in Virginia

Almost stuck in Virginia…can you imagine?  That would have been an embarrassing blog.  Note to all teams coming after us – 2 hours is NOT adequate time to get 6 people through Dulles to the gate.  Especially when 1 of the 6 leaves her passport and boarding pass at security and doesn’t realize it until after the train ride to the gate.  I’m not going to tell you the name of this person.  Instead, we are going to have a contest.  If you donate $10 to We Are Kenya, you get to guess which of us had this mental slip.  Everyone who guesses correctly gets a Real Live Giraffe straight from Kenya!!!  Was it Michelle, Jamie, Tina, Lisa, Taylor, or Kylie?  Quick, you only have 7 more days to guess.  Donate and guess as often as you like, no limit per household.

So, here we are in Brussels.  Our enthusiasm is still very great as we are super duper excited to finally get to Nairobi.  I heard a very reliable rumor that if you buy Belgium chocolate at the airport you actually lose weight as you eat it.  For the sake of research, I will test this theory out for each of you  and let you know.

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of the Striving Onward Six (SOS).

Remember, donate now for a chance to win a Real Live Giraffe!! ***

***small print – Michelle is completely stretching the truth – you will not receive a real live giraffe, a stuffed furry giraffe, or anything that resembles a giraffe.  Donate now…

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