First Day on the Ground

Teacher Beatrice leads closing songs and prayers.  So many students she had to stand on a chair to see them all!


Damon rides a boda-boda-motorbike

Damon saying-See you all tomorrow!


Okay, so I can’t figure out how to get text first, then pics, so here is the order you will see it in! 

It never ceases to amaze me how one can fly half way around the world and still wake up feeling at home.  Our flight went without incident and we landed just a little late on Sunday night.  After sleeping in this morning, we made our way to the school.  Wow.  It has grown so much since last year-not only the buildings but the children.  Can you believe the original babies are now in fourth grade? and so tall!  They look so good.  I wish I had a before and after so that you could see the difference in demeanor and health! 

After school, I was treated to a “salon” visit from the boarders!  They love long, soft hair and spent hours playing with it.  It was nice to get the chance to bond with them and get to know them better.  I am eager to share their stories with you this month as I learn them. 

I wish I had more to write, certainly have a lot of emotions floating around with my thoughts, but I it is midnight here and I am beat.  More pics and better stories tomorrow.

-Mama Sundi

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