Our Border Kids

I have stared at this page for several minutes trying to think about how to communicate the emotion I am feeling right now.  I haven’t blogged for the past few days because we were with our friend Ruth.  Ruth and her husband allowed us to stay with them while we were here for the year we adopted Damon and Sundi.  She really is one of my dearest friends.  The Christmas after we came, Ruth’s husband died.  Visiting Ruth without her Rick there was somewhat sad and painful.  Damon and Rick were very close  and Damon misses him.

Tonight, there will be no pictures as I have left my camera at Ruth’s.  I am picking it up tomorrow. 

This evening, I was able to stay behind at the school while everyone else went home.  It allowed me several hours to talk and play with the children who board on the property.  There were these moments this evening when my heart just ached as I looked into the beautiful brown eyes of these children who know so much more hurt than they deserve.  As I have spent the past days learning their stories, I have seen them through a differnt filter.  Not only have these babies known hunger and cold, but so many have seen and felt the pain of abandonment, threats, and abuse.  I am in love with little Sharon.  She’s seven and cute as a bug with this laugh that I wish I could bottle up and bring back for you all to hear.  When she laughs, she can barely breathe!  She giggles in and laughs out loudly.  I can hardly stand it!  She’s a quiet little girl, though, who is shy and sweet.  I’ve always thought she was super cute and loved playing with her, but today, when I learned her story, I couldn’t look at her without wanting to cry.  To know that she has been orphaned and left alone.  To know that the family that took her allowed her to be frightened and threatened-it just breaks my heart.  But, she is healing.  She is laughing again, she is experiencing love and hope-and it shows.  It is beautiful. 

And then there is Faith, and Maggie, Bruce and Yvonne.  Oh, I have lost my heart-again. 

We have had some very funny conversations!  The girls asked me to give them hearing aids like Sundi so that they can speak English!  They have taken polls on who is more hansdome-Tom or Jerit!  Not telling who won!   At dinner, they all decided to copy everything I did.  And of course it took me awhile to catch on!  They love to tease and joke.  

I know this post lacks continuity, but again I am posting late and my brain is slowing down.  Tomorrow, we will be going to the city to deliver some books and Bibles.  I hope to post pictures tomorrow night, so check back. 

Mama Sundi

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